Company Introduction


Yally is incorporated to develop products that help people see, hear, think, feel and speak. With the recent development and introduction of a host of speech-enabled, interactive, intelligent toys for Korean and international consumers, Yally leads the development of voice conversation systems.

Capable of engaging in not only everyday conversations but also multilingual, emotional, informational, recreational, and a range of other types of conversations, these toys are ICT products that could provide linguistic training for immigrant children, serve as a friend to talk to for solitary senior citizens and provide other differentiated services for a broad range of groups.

The Company has secured some 100 intellectual property rights including 19 domestic patent registrations, 5 trademark registrations, 10 software registrations, 22 copyright registrations, 9 international patent applications, and some 40 domestic patent registrations.

With the revenue goal of 20 billion Korean won for 2017, Yally stands out as a company specializing in interactive technologies that is recognized both domestically and internationally.

Company History


11 Graphic Teaching Pendant, an industrial robot for LCD production lines (for Samsung Electronics)
08 Developed an endoscopic imaging system for pipes
08 Developed Yally DVR System Ver. 1.0.
03 Released Puppy Emotion Analyzer for the Apple iPod Touch/iPhone
03 Incorporated


12 Developed a Japanese conversation system for Yally conversing dolls
11 Developed a Chinese conversation system for Yally conversing dolls
09 Participated in the China Market Trade and Investment Delegation, resulting in MOUs with two potential partners
08 Released Kkaemang, a Yally conversing doll application
08 Released Kkaemang, a Yally conversing doll
07 Developed an English conversation system for Yally conversing dolls
06 Released Altokky, a conversing doll
04 Developed the Kkaemang character


12 Obtained the ISO 9001 and 14001 certification
10 Developed Yally Mate, an Android application (Ver. 0.0.1).
10 Developed revenue services for Kibot 2 (for Korea Telecom)
08 Obtained the Venture Capital Funded Startup certification.
05 Developed a noise checker (for Kia Motors)


10 Developed a conversation application and corpus (for Korea Telecom)
07 Developed a video imaging solution (for Korea Telecom)
05 Developed a digital toy (for Korea Telecom)
05 Selected as a contractor for the ICT-Based Broadcasting Technology Development Project
04 Signed an MOU with SYSTRAN International for joint development
03 Exported conversing doll samples to Spain
01 Signed an MOU with Hysonic for joint development
01 Developed a conversation corpus (for Korea Telecom)


11 Developed voice-controlled, interactive TV services (for Korea Telecom)
11 Developed the Kibot 2 R-Running application (for Korea Telecom)
11 Developed an Arabic remote control mobile application for Kibot 2 (for Korea Telecom)
09 Launched Yally voice interface services
08 Launched YallyTalk, a conversing assistant service for smart phones
08 Developed a multilingual version of a remote control application for Kibot 2 (for Korea Telecom)
06 Developed a conversation system for Kibot 2 (for Korea Telecom)
01 Organized a dedicated research department

Patent Information

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