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Yally is incorporated to develop products that help people see, hear, think, feel and speak. With the recent development and introduction of a host of speech-enabled, interactive, intelligent toys for Korean and international consumers, Yally leads the development of voice conversation systems.

Capable of engaging in not only everyday conversations but also multilingual, emotional, informational, recreational, and a range of other types of conversations, these toys are ICT products that could provide linguistic training for immigrant children, serve as a friend to talk to for solitary senior citizens and provide other differentiated services for a broad range of groups.

The Company has secured some 100 intellectual property rights including 19 domestic patent registrations, 5 trademark registrations, 10 software registrations, 22 copyright registrations, 9 international patent applications, and some 40 domestic patent registrations.

With the revenue goal of 20 billion Korean won for 2017, Yally stands out as a company specializing in interactive technologies that is recognized both domestically and internationally.