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Capable of voice conversations with infants and kids using a cable-tethered voice device, Kkaemang enhances the faculty of communication and empathy of infants and kids and helps their emotional development. Since it understands and answers questions in English as well, Kkaemang could help with early English education.
Conversing Doll Story
Once upon a time there lived Kkaemang, a spirit who lived among people and was very much into wrestling betting. One day, Kkaemang had a wrestling wager for treasures with some stocky drifter.
But, little did Kkaemang know that the wanderer had red bean porridge for dinner, which Kkaemang disliked very much. Kkaemang lost his consciousness and got locked up in a Dokkaebi mallet for 600 years.
Why don’t you meet Kkaemang, your new friend who has been locked up in the Dokkaebi mallet for a long time?