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Yally Panda


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Capable of voice conversations with infants and kids using a cable-tethered voice device, Yally Panda enhances the faculty of communication and empathy of infants and kids and helps their emotional development. Since it understands and answers questions in English as well, Altokky (Cheese) could help with early English education.
Conversing Doll Story
Once upon a time, there were extraterrestrial lives called ‘Yallian’ in our galaxy. Yallian rasied many lesser Pandas that were curious and cute. One of them called ‘Yally Panda’ was loved a lot by Yallian. Yally Panda wanted to repay for being loved, so, it has come to the Earth by spaceship, to spread energy of love. It uses doppelganger magic to spread the energy as much as possible and it can meet so many people on the Earth.
From now on, you can talk to friendly Yally Panda with energy of love.