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This community service allows the user and the character (agent) to engage in a wide range of emotional and conversational communication on the PC desktop, instant messenger, website etc.

Product features
  • Conversation with agents (simultaneous conversations with a number of characters), natural language-based recognition of emotions, emotional expressions, and motion animations
  • Trade and train characters and purchase and wear items (capable of animations wearing items).
  • Character messenger, chatting and microsite services
  • Simultaneous conversations with characters on the PC desktop, instant messenger and personal websites.
Classification Features
System requirements ㆍRuns on Windows-based PCs.
Character types ㆍA broad range of humanoid and pet characters (Kkaemang etc.)
Emotional expressions ㆍThe emotion recognition engine allows emotional recognition and expression.
Conversation engine ㆍUses a database of 40,000 dialogs and incorporates technologies for morpheme analysis, syntactic processing and semantic processing.
Servers operated ㆍDaemon, routing, chatting, messenger and conversation servers