Dialog Doll

A conversing doll is capable of engaging in interactive, intelligent voice conversations with people. You can use one like a regular toy or talk to it as if it were alive, with a smartphone inserted in its face.

dialog doll
Product features
  • Everyday conversation: You can have an everyday conversation with it, suitable for toddlers and children.
  • Multilingual conversation: You could talk with it in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Situational conversation: Shake it or turn it over. What does it say?
  • Informational conversation: Ask it the weather or the time of day. “What time it is now?”
  • Recreational conversation: Up for a multiplication game? Try saying, “Let’s play a multiplication game.”
  • Conversation about songs: Do you have a song you would like to listen to? The doll can look it up for you.
  • Emotional conversation: The doll can make facial expressions depending on the conversational context.
  • Play with contents: A broad range of contents are available for kids.
Classification Features
System requirements ㆍAndroid 3.0 or above
Multilingual conversation ㆍCapable of listening and speaking in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese
Purchase verification ㆍQR code authentication unlocks a range of additional features.
Conversation engine ㆍA database of 100,000 words for infants and kids
Types of conversing dolls ㆍOne dokkaebi (Kkaemang), two Altokky (Curry and Cheese) and one red panda (Yally panda) dolls


Dialog Doll speaks Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.
To select the language of the country, please slide the screen.

What kinds of answers we hear from you?
User Dialog Doll
What’s up? Hi, How’s it going?
Tell me who you are. My name is Kkaemang.
I am one year old and weigh 3kgs.
I was born in Yally.
Did you have fun today? Yes, I did. What about you?
It’s chilly these days.
Take care.
Don’t worry about me.
I am healthier than any others.
Let’s see more details about a Dialog Doll.
User Dialog Doll
What’s your weight? I weigh 3kgs.
How tall are you? I am 30cms tall.
What’s your nickname? ‘Super-smart’ is my nickname.
You know I am so smart. Haha.
Where do you live? I live in your house.


The service is suitable for preschoolers to develop their language



Find and Show you song
that you want on YouTube.