Service Overview


Using an independently developed set of conversation technologies for answering questions in Korean and other languages, the Yally voice conversation system has been localized in such manner to allow operation on not only servers but also on embedded systems, allowing a broad range of applications including conversing toys, dolls and robots as well as communication.

Yally is presenting a new paradigm by unveiling convergence products in a wide array of applications, including the recent development and release of a multilingual translation and conversation agent in collaboration with SYSTRAN Integration as well as YallyTalk, a conversing service for digital toys in partnership with Hysonic, a publicly traded manufacturer.

The technological expertise of the company recognized by Korea Telecom, a Korean conglomerate, has since 2011 allowed us to develop and deliver a conversation system for the KT Kibot 2, a robot for children and independently develop and deliver interactive TV services and a conversation corpus (database) for KT, telltale examples of the company horning its competence as an interactive technology specialist.

With a view to standing out as an interactive technology specialist recognized not only domestically but also internationally, Yally is firmly committed to its own development efforts as well as active collaboration with solid partners, creating new values and products.