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Robot Dialog System

The Yally dialog system runs on an Android device and allows a person to converse with a robot, using speech recognition and natural language processing technologies.

robot dialog system
Product features
  • Conversation with the agent, natural language-based recognition of emotions, emotional expressions, and motion animations
  • Capable of a broad range of goal-oriented dialogs
  • Capable of answering a broad range of questions
  • Technologies for intelligent conversations, emotion analysis, and speech act analysis
Classification Features
System requirements ㆍRuns on Android devices.
Competitive edge ㆍTechnologies and knowhow in natural language processing and conversation accumulated since 2003
Emotional expressions ㆍThe emotion recognition engine allows emotional recognition and expression.
Conversation engine ㆍUses a database of 40,000 dialogs and incorporates technologies for morpheme analysis, syntactic processing and semantic processing.
Scalability ㆍCapable of supporting a broad range of hardware and services